Colour models


Single colour in various shades. Mono can give your website a clean and soothing look. Especially when you use blue or green hues.


Two contrasting colours directly opposite from each other on the colour wheel. With this model you can combine a warm with a cool colour. It creates a clear palette and the second colour works well as a highlight colour.


One primary colour and two colours that are placed identically on both sides of its complement. Triad allows you to combine three colours in a harmonious way.


Four colours made by a pair of colours and their complements. This model is often too much because it offers four colours with a double contrast.


Three neighbouring colours on the colour wheel. This model creates a palette with colours that are closely related to each other. It looks elegant, but it’s often too harmonious because the contrast and difference between the colours is too subtle.

Accented analogic

Three neighbouring colours and in addition the complementary colour directly opposite from the primary colour. This creates an elegant colour palette and gives you a contrasting highlight colour.

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