Define the features

1. Define the features your website should offer.

It’s important to do this step before you start creating the website. The tools I will show you in the next chapter offer a variety of features. Your feature list will help you find out which of these tools fit your needs.


2. Pull out the core features your site really needs

These should be 1 or 2 features, not more.

3. Prioritize the other features by focusing on users’ needs

Ask yourself: Is this really necessary, or just nice to have?
Avoid including features that are nice to have but irrelevant for your users.
Your site will appear confusing if you include too many features.

4. Put all other features on a “nice to have” list

Put this list into your “Idea Box” and forget it. I know it’s hard but you should not touch this list any more till your site has launched.

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What are the basic website features?

Contact form

Give your users the possibility to contact you without having your e-mail address. Site visitors can fill out the form and send questions or feedback to you.

Google maps

Embed an interactive Google Map. Set your business address and add a marker to the map. The embed version of Google Maps is free for commercial use providing that the site on which it is being used is publicly accessible and does not charge for access.



Manage and share calendars to keep your users informed about tasks or upcoming events.

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