How to use space efficiently

Space is a very important design element. It’s not just emptiness. You can use the space inside the content area to separate and group information.


  • Put space before and after the page title.
  • Put space above the heading.
  • Put space between paragraphs.
  • Put space into lists.
  • Put space around images.
  • Put space around buttons.


  • Don’t put space between the heading and the text.
  • Don’t put space between the instruction and the list.

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Which tool offers the best themes? offers over 100 themes with the following design options:

  • Different page layouts (landing page, large header, small header, no header).
  • Change fonts for site title, paragraph titles, paragraph text and links.
  • Custom header image, multiple header images and the possibility to add text to the header image. Each page can have it’s own header image.
  • Site title with custom logo upload.
  • There’s also the possibility to fully customize the theme by editing the HTML and CSS code.

Explore the free Weebly themes offers a wide range of free available HTML and Flash themes. You can customize the themes by drag and drop and edit almost every single design element on the website without knowing CSS.
It’s also possible to have a blank template if you want to crate your website from scratch.
Wix offers also a directory of professional Wix designers.

Explore the Wix themes offers over 200 free available themes. The design options depend on the theme you choose. Use the Search and Filter option in the Theme Showcase to find out which theme offers the features and styles you need.

Many themes allow the following customisation options:

  • Change the background and modify the colour scheme.
  • Upload a custom header image. If you want to upload a custom logo you will need to put it in the header image.
  • Add widgets to your site’s sidebars.
  • Custom menus to customise the site’s navigation.
  • If you want to change more design elements or use different fonts you will need to purchase the Custom Design Upgrade. This upgrade only makes sense if you know CSS.

Explore the free available themes

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What to place in the page footer

The page footer is used to provide information about the page author, contact details, copyright statements and other legal matters.

Common short cuts are:

  • Customer service
  • Terms and conditions
  • Privacy policy
  • Contact us
Mock-up with page footer following web conventions

Click on the image to open the interactive mode

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