Hi! My name is Daniela Lozza.

In this tutorial you will find almost everything I know about web publishing, web design, web editing and usability. I decided to create this tutorial after some of my friends and colleagues had some trouble creating a website by themselves. Creating your own website is easier than you think if you have the right approach and the right tools.

It’s for you and it’s for free!

This online tutorial is dedicated to “do it yourself” people like entrepreneurs, start-ups, freelancers or part-time workers who want to create a website for their own business. Since I’m a fan of web applications that are free of charge, all the tools and websites used in this tutorial are available for free and do not require any programming skills.

My work and my passion

I’m an all-round web and e-learning specialist and I love to create great learning opportunities and share my knowledge with others. My scope is to create a virtual environment where people can learn and work smarter – together.

I hope you enjoy it!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Will i ever be as technologically literate as you? I would settle for just a smidge of your experise, wow all by yourself thats awesome what an accomplishment. I was just happy a year ago that i finally learned how to text. Thanks a much i really will be sinking my teeth into wordpress…..so much to offer….and i have so much to say. This will be a fun and exciting learning platform.
    Thanks ever so much
    Syamasyn.skeyh @gmail.com

  2. Excuse spelling hiding in bathtub taking a bath my family gets a little jelous of my new found passion.

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