When to use animation

Animation dominates the user’s attention. It tends to distract your site visitors and make it hard for them to concentrate on the page content. For this reason you should use animations sparingly.


  • Use instructional animations to show procedures or tasks that are hard to describe with static pictures. Accompany the instructions with text that explains the animation.
  • Use animation to draw attention to a single element on the page.
  • Use an animated progress indicator with a short text to keep your users interested while they are waiting.
  • Use only one-time animation.


  • Don’t use animation if it’s not relevant and should not draw attention.
  • Don’t use intro animation on the home page.
  • Don’t animate the following elements: logo, tagline, page titles, and headline.
  • Don’t animate the navigation.
  • Don’t use animation that looks like advertising.
  • Don’t combine animation with animated text. It’s difficult to read text while watching a demonstration.

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