What’s Adobe Flash

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform used to add animation, video and interactivity to Web pages. Flash can be displayed on various computer systems using Adobe Flash Player.

The Adobe Flash Player plays the SWF and FLV format and is available free of charge for Web browsers and some mobile phones.

What’s SWF?

The SWF format (ShockWave Flash) is used to display animated vector graphics on the web. It’s a compiled Flash file that can be played by the Adobe Flash Player and can no longer be edited with Adobe Flash.

What’s the problem with Flash?

  • You need the Adobe Flash software to create an SWF file.
  • Adobe Flash is difficult to use and requires Action Script programming.
  • If your site visitors don’t have the Adobe Flash Player or they don’t have the proper Flash plug-in, they will not be able to see the animation.
  • Adobe Flash handles text poorly and is criticized due to the fact that it is not accessible for everyone. Apple for example no longer supports Flash on mobile devices.

What are the alternatives to Flash?

A new technology called HTML5 is now coming up. HTML5 doesn’t require a plug-in and it’s user friendlier. But the technology is still in its infancy and doesn’t work well with all browsers.

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