Point out links

1. Use descriptive links

Write meaningful links that indicate what’s behind the next click. You can also turn relevant words or sentences inside a paragraph into a link. Put the most important keyword into the link and avoid links like “here” or “more”.

2. Indicate the link’s destination

Inform your site visitors if a link opens a PDF or launches an audio or a video file.

3. Colour your links

Unvisited links should be blue (#0000ff). Visited links should be purple (#820682).

4. Change your link colour

  • Weebly.com
    On Weebly.com you can edit the link colour on the “Design Options” record. The hover status doesn’t need a special colour. Use blue for the hover status.
    Go to the Weebly Support CenterIf you want to use other colours for your links make sure they are different enough. Your site visitors must be able to quickly understand what’s clickable.
  • Wix.com
    On Wix.com you first need to click inside the paragraph to edit the link.
    Click on the hyperlinked text and change the link colour in the menu bar.
    Unfortunately Wix.com uses the same colour for visited and unvisited links. You cannot define a different colour for visited links.Go to the Wix Support Center
  • WordPress.com
    On WordPress.com only the colour customisable themes will allow you to change the link colours. Normally you must use the link colours the design templates offer you. If you don’t have the custom CSS upgrade you will not be able to change the link colours inside the template.

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