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5 thoughts on “Navigation showcase

  1. If you use tabs, make sure the active tab is visually in front of the other tabs. “The active tab should also use the same colour as its subnavigation.” How do you css program tabs to be the same as their subnavigations?

    • Hi Elisha
      Thank you for your question. It depends on the template you use.
      Normally you can just replace the colour code of the tabs. Can you please post the link of the template you are using?

    • I am putting together a Weebly site at this point, and just do not know the correct CSS to call the Main menu items and the Submenu items, so that the Submenu items can always be under the same “tab color” as their parent main menu item. Would you know these CSS terms? I do not have my site published yet, but under Weebly’s free pagebuilder, it is under the Education themes, called “Justin6”. I’m not sure if that helps to find it or not, but there is an orange colored tab that highlights whatever main menu page is visited, and for the submenu pages, the box disappears (just plain white background instead)… instead of staying on the main menu tab for which the viewer visited. It is confusing. Yet my client wants this page and doesn’t mind the orange box. As the designer, I mind it. Can you help me? How does WordPress code this?

  2. And by way of evaluation, everyone should know that Weebly’s customer support is terrible. They not only do NOT answer the question I’ve asked, but they had their main trainer/instruction writer/presenter try to answer my code question, and in the first point of customer contact, he assumed this potential client’s emotions (assumed them wrong), took personal insult, and went as far as to insult back. It was highly unprofessional, and he lost a tremendous amount of respect. If I had my way, I would not use Weebly services. The customer support is extremely lacking.

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