Create pages on

  1. Choose your site and click on it to open the Wix Editor.
  2. On the right side of the Wix Editor you will find the Page Manager. Click on “Add Page” to add a new page. You can also rename already existing pages.Visit the Wix Support Center
  3. Reorder the pages in the Page Manager by drag and drop.
  4. To add subpages select the page you want to have subpages. Click on “Add” on the Wix Editor’s menu, select “Add Page Parts” and choose “Page Groups”.Visit the Wix Support Center
  5. Wix will add three new subpages to your section name.
  6. Rename the new subpages within the Page Manager and delete the pages you don’t need. Resize and edit the new page by dragging at the edges. Mention that you will need some space to display the local navigation and make the subpages smaller than the main pages.Visit the Wix Support Center
  7. To make the subpages visible you need to add a menu for the subpages:
    Click on the first subpage inside your section.
    Click “Add Menu” on the Page Group Toolbox.Visit the Wix Support Center
  8. Browse the menu gallery and choose a submenu for your website.Visit the Wix Support Center
  9. Place the new menu inside the main page by drag & drop. Don’t drag it inside the subpage. Click on the new submenu and choose “Manage”.Visit the Wix Support Center
  10. Make sure the new submenu is connected with the right page group.Visit the Wix Support Center
  11. Do the same for all submenus.Visit the Wix Support Center

It didn’t work?
Visit the Wix Support Center

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