What to put on your home page

The home page is different from all other pages you display on your site. It’s unique and it has a special mission: It has to make it instantly clear what the site is about.

You have only a few seconds to answer the most important questions:

  1. Whose site is this?
    Use a logo and a tagline to identify the site.
  2. What do they offer?
    Show a clear navigation to help people get a sense of what the site is all about.
  3. Do they have what I’m looking for?
    Use a short info blurb to explain what you offer. Don’t use this space to welcome your site visitors or tell them how great your site is. Write only about what you offer and don’t use any more space than necessary.
  4. What can I do here?
    Display the core feature (if you have one) to let people start key tasks immediately.
  5. Where do I start?
    Make it clear where to start. Users usually want to search, to browse, to sign in or to be guided through a step-by-step process. Put the search box, the navigation, the login box or a “start here” indicator in a prominent place above the fold and make them look like starting points.

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