How to create good navigation

The navigation has to make it instantly clear what kind of information is waiting behind the next click. When organizing your sites keep in mind that the section names must work as a page name.

Organize your content

  • by category when all your site visitors have the same basic task in mind but they have different interests (shop with different categories). Be consistent when naming categories.
  • by task when your site visitors want to accomplish different tasks.
  • by user when your site serves different groups of users with different goals.
  • by language when your site visitors speak different languages.
  • by location when it’s relevant which geographic region your site visitors are from.
  • by date when you write a blog.


  • Organize your content in a way that makes sense to your site visitors.
  • Put the most important elements on the top of the navigatioGroup similar items together and put them next to each other in the navigation.
  • Write short and clear section names.
  • Don’t use fancy names.


  • Don’t organize your website by corporate department unless it’s very important for your users to know this.
  • Don’t combine a single-noun link name, such as apartment in Amsterdam with a verb-noun name such as rent a bike.
  • Don’t use fancy names for categories.
  • Don’t put unrelated categories together.
  • Don’t use the word and to put two categories together. For example restaurants and bars.
  • Don’t use branding and marketing terms for navigation.

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