Change the fonts in your WordPress theme

To change fonts on a theme you will need the Custom Design upgrade. It’s best to choose a theme that fits already your needs and uses a font family and size you like. Often there is no need to change the fonts because the theme uses already web friendly fonts.

With the Custom Design upgrade offers the possibility to embed non-system-specific custom fonts into your blog. This works without programming CSS.  It’s a very nice feature but use it wisely. It tempts you to use fonts that are not adapted for websites.

custom fonts menu on

Wordpress custom fonts

  • Go to Appearance > Custom Design on your blog’s dashboard.
  • Open the “Fonts” tab.
  • Browse the fonts and choose a font for the site title, for the headings and for the body text.
  • Adjust the font size and style.
  • Save your changes and wait a few minutes till the fonts show up on your blog.

It didn’t work?
Visit the WordPress Support Center

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