Create a tagline

Your logo needs a short additional phrase called tagline.

The tagline is a brand message that describes the primary purpose of your website. It represents your brand, your mission and your promises.

1. Focus on your primary purpose

If you create a blog or an online service focus on the primary purpose of your website and try to express what makes it special. If you want to use your website to promote your business or sell your products focus on your products or your services and try to express what makes them unique.
Ask yourself:

  • What do I offer?
  • What is my mission?

2. Make the benefits clear

The tagline should give your site visitors a reason to stay on your website.
Ask yourself:

  • How can my site visitors benefit from this website?
  • What can I promise?

3. Add personality

The tagline should represent your brand.
Ask yourself:

  • What’s my brand’s personality?
  • What do we represent?

4. Play

Write down a simple, clear and informative sentence with 6-8 words.
Avoid being cool or clever. This doesn’t work for taglines.

Examples for taglines

  • YouTube – Broadcast Yourself
  • Nokia – Connecting People
  • HSBC – The world’s local bank
  • Disney – Where Dreams Come True

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