How to choose a good page header

Some templates use a graphic image on the page header. It’s part of the site’s brand identity and you will need to change it.


  • Use a colourful image or words on a plain background.
  • Choose an image with one single object on a simple background.
  • Use a high quality image with high contrast between the object and the background.
  • Crop the image instead of overly reducing it.
  • When using images with people use smiling people looking directly at the camera.
  • Use real-life images instead of ones that are obviously stock art.


  • Don’t use clip art.
  • Don’t put text on photography.
  • Choose an image that reflects the content of your website.
  • Don’t use a busy, bold or dramatic header image that competes with the rest of the design.
  • Don’t make the file larger than 50 KB.
  • Don’t make the header higher than 200 pixels.

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