Define the colours

1. Define your primary colour.

Find your colour!

Which adjective represents you, your products or your company best?

The product or service I offer is …
I’m …

  • Red: Attractive, comfortable, dynamic, fast, energetic, lovely, sexy, sporty, spicy, vibrant, warm
  • Blue: Confident, efficient, friendly, loyal, open, professional, reliable, sympathetic, wise
  • Green: New, natural, peaceful, young
  • Yellow: Fresh, fruity, inviting, sunny
  • Orange: Ambitious, delicious, energetic, healthy, juicy, tasty
  • Purple: Creative, glamorous, mysterious, outstanding, precious, trendy, royal, unique
  • Brown: Homely, natural, recycled, organic, stable, tasty, wholesome
  • White: Clean, cool, creative, pure, secure, trustworthy
  • Black: Elegant, expensive, intelligent, secret, serious, successful

Evoke associations

Which feeling do you want to evoke in people visiting your website?

I want to make my website visitors feel …

  • Red: Alarmed, attracted, challenged, comfortable, excited, important, loved, passionate, powerful
  • Blue: Airy, peaceful, reassured, tranquil
  • Green: Calm, restful, fortunate, free, generous, hopeful, liberated, lucky, relaxed
  • Yellow: Cheerful, enthusiastic, happy, joyous, optimistic
  • Orange: Festive, thankful, warm, welcome
  • Purple: Inspired, unique
  • Brown: Homelike, wholesome
  • White: Merry, reflective, secure
  • Black: Satisfied, smart, sophisticated

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