Clean and innocent

White is pure, clean and cool. It’s a symbol for both birth and death in different cultures and it goes well with almost any colour.


  • White is the colour of snow. It has a cooling and restful effect.
  • White is a symbol for purity, simplicity and empty space.
  • White denotes truth and sincerity.
  • White is a symbol for birth, virginity and weddings in Western countries.


  • White it a symbol for death in Eastern cultures.
  • White is cold and clinical. It’s associated with hospitals, doctors and dentists.
  • White can cause headaches due to its brilliant colour.

Where to use

  • White can give a pure and clean look to your website.
  • White can be used as a neutral background colour. But less brilliant colours such as pastel tones, beige, ivory, and creams are better.

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