Royal and creative

Purple is the colour of royalty and spirituality. It’s the bridge between warm red and cool blue. Purple is the third favourite colour after blue and green.



  • Purple is associated with royalty, wealth, or prosperity. Kings, queens and emperors have worn purple for many centuries.
  • Purple is a rare colour in nature. It’s associated with lavender, orchids, and lilacs.
  • Purple is different. It’s the colour of individuality and attracts people who like to consider themselves different from the common herd.
  • Purple denotes stability and balance. It calms down the mind and nerves.
  • Purple offers a sense of spirituality and mystery. It’s the colour of good judgment.
  • Purple is the colour of trendy, powerful and sophisticated young women.
  • Purple is associated with nostalgia.


  • Too much purple can cause moodiness.
  • Purple is the colour of intrigue.
  • Dark purples are heavy and can evoke depressions.

Where to use

  • Purple is often used for visited links.
  • Purple can give a creative and individual look to your website.
  • Purple can be used for websites addressing creative people such as artists.
  • Light purple can be used to create a romantic and nostalgic feeling.

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