Warm and energetic

Orange is vibrant and stimulating. It denotes energy, warmth, and the citrus fruits. Orange is the colour that’s most misunderstood and misused due to its wide spectrum of hues.



  • Orange is synonymous with autumn. It represents the changing seasons and indicates transition.
  • Orange is mentally stimulating and sociable. It gets people talking.
  • Orange is associated with festivity and happy events.
  • Orange is an energetic and warm colour. It gives us energy.
  • Orange stimulates the appetite, and can conjure up thoughts of citrus fruits and vitamin C.
  • Orange is a popular colour for children.


  • Orange can make us think about Halloween and evoke negative associations.
  • Orange can be too brilliant. In combination with pink it creates a vibrating, 60s psychedelic look.

Where to use

  • Orange can give a warm and energetic look to your website.
  • Orange can be used to design websites for celebrations and social events.
  • Orange works well for children friendly websites.

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