Fresh and calm

Green is the colour of the nature. It’s restful, soothing and cheerful. Green has a calming effect and it’s thought to relieve stress. It also represents good luck, health, fertility and jealousy. Green can improve reading ability.



  • Green is the colour of the nature. It puts us in a fresh, stress-less mood, and makes us feel happy.
  • Green is the colour of the spring. It inspires us to tank up energy and signifies growth, renewal, and new beginnings.
  • Green is the symbol for life, fertility, youthfulness, and healthiness.
  • Green denotes good luck and hope. It makes us look optimistically towards the future.
  • Green can conjure up thoughts of balance, stability, and solidarity.


  • Green can suggest immaturity.
  • Dark green can conjure up military associations.

Where to use

  • Green can be used for websites with reading content such as blogs or e-learning sites due to its improvement of reading ability.
  • Green can give a young and fresh springtime look to your website.
  • Green coupled with red is a Christmas colour.
  • Green coupled with beige or brown can signify organic or recycled.
  • Lime green with orange and yellow is a fresh and fruity palette.

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