Passionate and powerful

Red is a very dynamic colour that evokes strong emotions. It’s sexy, warm and connotes excitement, passion and love. But it’s also the colour of blood, violence and warfare.



  • Red is the colour of the fire. It’s warm and powerful. It puts us in an energetic, exciting mood, and gets people to take action.
  • Red is a symbol for power, potency and sportiness.
  • Red is the colour of love and passion. It’s dramatic, deep and intense and erotic.
  • Red has a sexual quality. It underscores sexual allusions.
  • Red is a warm colour. It gives us energy, and makes us feel comfortable.
  • Red means attention. We instinctively pay attention to red things because they might be important.


  • Red is a warning signal. It put us in an alarmed, stressed mood: the heart beats faster, blood pressure and adrenaline rise.
  • Red is the colour of blood, crime and war. It can suggest very negative meanings especially in combination with black.
  • Red can make us feel angry or aggressive. It provokes animosity.

Where to use

  • Red is used to grab attention or point out something.
  • Red can give a warm and powerful look to your website.
  • Red has the most powerful effect when used in small doses.
  • Red can be used to underscore sexual allusions.
  • Multiple shades of red, pink or orange create a cheerful palette.

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