Tranquil and reliable

Blue is a very balanced colour. It conjures up thoughts of sympathy, harmony, friendship and confidence. Blue is the opposite of red. It’s the most popular colour and the colour most preferred by men.


  • Blue is the colour of the sky and the water. It puts us in an airy, tranquil mood and gives us the feeling that we can go with the flow.
  • Blue evokes confidence. It’s associated with constancy and reliability.
  • Blue has a cooling and tranquilizing effect.
  • Blue is related with serenity and peace.
  • Blue is wide, open and endless. It opens our mind, and advances productivity.


  • Blue it not an appetizing colour. Don’t use it for food pages.
  • Blue is not a warm, heart-opening colour.
  • Blue can make us feel sad and depressive.

Where to use

  • Blue is often used for links (in various shades).
  • Blue is often used in company websites to evoke reliability.
  • Blue can give a professional and trustworthy look to your website.

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