How to register a domain name

If your domain name is still available you can register it yourself or through the website builder.

Register a domain name through the website builder

If possible, register your domain through the website builder. It’s much easier than registering it yourself. and offer a service to register and set up domains with the extensions .com, .org or .net. Since September 2011 WordPress offers .me Domains too. is testing a domain registration service but the service is currently not available to all users.
Note: You will need to upgrade to a premium account to use your own domain.

Register a domain name yourself

On you will need to register the domain name yourself. This is also the case if you want to use a domain with an other extension than .com, .org or .net. on or After registration you need to map the domain to your website’s name servers. And you will need to set-up an e-mail account.

Make sure that the registrar offers:

  • Free transfer to another provider
  • Possibility to set-up an A-record
  • Private registration to hide your contact information in the public WHOIS database


Also check additional domain names for alternative spellings, abbreviations, or common misspellings. Investigate any possible trademark infringements!

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