What’s Wix.com ?

www.wix.com is a website creator which provides a simple drag & drop editor to create Flash and HTML websites, mobile sites and Facebook pages.

Promotional video from Wix on YouTube.

How it works

  1. Customize the design
    Once you have selected a design template from the template gallery, you can customize every design element within the template. Both, the Flash and the HTML5 editor allow you pixel perfect control of your design. You can edit design elements directly within the editor and add new page parts such as menus and buttons.
  2. Insert content
    You can drag and drop new elements on your site and place text, photos, maps, music and video files on your site as you like.
  3. Animate your site
    WIX makes it easy to add effects and animations to your pages. Click on an element and add the effect or animation you like. 
Use animations sparingly and take a look at How to use multimedia on the web.
  4. Make it search engine friendly
    Flash-based websites are usually not search engine friendly. This is why WIX.com puts an HTML code behind your Flash website, so the search engine crawlers can read your content. You can manage the keywords, descriptions and meta-tags for the search engines in the editor.
  5. Publish your site
    You will get an URL Wix.com/username/documentname. You can change the document name and your username. To use your own domain name you will have to update to a premium account.

Who’s behind WIX.com

WIX.com is a small but growing start-up based in New York, San Francisco and Tel-Aviv. It was founded in 2006. The founders solved their own challenge with Wix.com. They wanted a way to create high quality Flash websites and other web content in a faster, easier and more search engine friendly way. In 2012 Wix introduced the HTML5 editor. www.wix.com offers its own wiki, online video tutorials and webinars.

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