What are social media features?

RSS Feed RSS feed

Let your users subscribe to your updates or display News from partners on your website.


Provide a community-oriented site with a place to post feedback and promote discussion.

Online poll

Ask your users what they want. Let them vote or answer on a specific question and collect their responses in real-time.


Learn more about your site visitors. Ask them to complete a questionnaire and find out more about their opinions, needs or habits.

Folge dalozza auf TwitterTwitter follow button

Let people follow you on your twitter account with only one click.

Twitter tweets

Display your latest Twitter tweets on your website.


Communicate in real time with your customers. You can instantly answer their questions and offer them online support.

like the Facebook Page of www.learn-it-yourself.comFacebook “Like” button

Let your users share your website with their friends on Facebook. When a user clicks the “Like” button on your website, a story appears in the in the user’s friends’ News Feed with a link back to your website.

Share Content (AddThis to…)

Let your users share your website content. Give them the possibility to send a post to their social bookmarks with only one click.

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