How to provide animated content on a website

A Flash website provides graphic content with animation and pictures. It contains much less information content and focuses instead on the visual design experience.

Flash is a bandwidth friendly and browser independent vector-graphic animation technology. It works only if your client’s browser is equipped with the necessary Flash plug-in. Flash allows “pixel perfect” control over web design, including font specifications.

Go with a Flash website when:

  • You want to create a graphic design experience.
  • You want to create exactly the layout you like.
  • You want to have the control over the design and the font specifications.


  • You can put animated and interactive movies on websites.
  • Content is displayed correctly for anyone who has the Flash plug-in.
  • Flash is operating system and browser independent.


  • Updating the content usually requires Flash skills.
  • Embedded information is often invisible to search engines.
  • Flash plug-in for the browser required.
  • The browser must use the right version of the Flash player.
  • Some customers are immediately put off by a Flash website.
  • Web usability and standards are infringed.
  • Website reporting is problematic.
  • Apple no longer supports Flash for mobile devices.
  • The future of Flash is not clear: HTML5 could replace Flash.

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